Shirenewton Community Council

Acts as an organisation that represents local views and feeds into Monmouthshire County Council, which in turn, relates to the Welsh Assembly Government.

The Community Council has 10 Councillors who represent the residents living in Shirenewton, Mynyddbach, Earlswood and Newchurch West. Meetings are held on the first Monday of every month (except Bank Holidays, when it is the second Monday) at the Recreation Hall. These are open meetings and members of the public are very welcome to attend to either raise issues or listen to proceedings.

The Council has a limited budget that is used to support local amenities (eg the recreation field, children’s playground, community notice boards). In addition, annual representation can be made by the community to seek limited financial assistance – the restoration of the church clock and war memorial are recent examples of this.

All applications for Planning are brought before the Council, who is invited by the County Council, to give its comments and observations from a local perspective. The County Council is the decision making body and the Community Council can only make recommendations.

A standard agenda item for the meetings is “matters of local concern”. This is where councillors raise issues that have been brought to their attention by members of the public or are matters that they feel need discussion or action. It is usual practice for an officer from Gwent Police to attend for part of the meeting and bring to the attention of councillors any instances of crime in the area or share their general observations. This tends to be a two way process. The County Councillor for the Shirenewton community is Louise Brown, who also attends the meetings and acts as a link with the County Council for all local issues.